Financial guidelines

Financial underwriting is always a thorny subject. Cases with large sums assured/face amounts vary enormously in purpose and background, and each requires very individual assessment.

And yet the fundamental principles of financial underwriting apply to all cases, large and small.


RiskApps describes the principles of financial underwriting and contains guidelines for risk assessment.


It also features a range of questionnaires covering essential background information.


We can also include a ‘financial wizard’ that can be programmed to carry out a basic financial underwriting check according to your internal guidelines.

  • Mix & match

    With RiskApps you have options galore:


    • Choose which apps you want – from a full underwriting manual to one app or even just a calculator.
    • The content can be modified as much as you want – from adjustments to ratings so as to follow your own individual philosophy, to a bespoke solution.
    • If you really want, you can buy just the content and host it and maintain it yourself.

  • Other options

    RiskApps gives you lots of other options that enable the content to be tailored to your requirements or personalised to the wishes of individual users. You have control over what RiskApps does, how it looks and behaves, and how much users can do. For example, you can:


    • Create links to relevant websites
    • Add documents containing supplementary information and guidelines
    • Add personal and shared notes
    • Alert users to changes, news, events, new instructions, etc when they sign in